The Mixing Circle

An Exclusive Mixing Circle for the Most Dedicated Learners!

Are you ready to take your mixing skills to the next level? Join my exclusive inner circle, limited to just 20 members at any time, ensuring you get personalized attention and support. 

As part of the The Mixing Circle, you’re more than just a subscriber; you’re a vital member of a close-knit community. Here’s what awaits you:            

🚀   Personalized Coaching: Feeling stuck on a mix? Don't worry! You'll have direct access to me for feedback on your mixing projects, available through email and chat whenever you need it. Plus, enjoy a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session each month via video call, tailored to your specific needs and questions. 

🏆 Mixing Challenges: Dive into my monthly Mixing Challenge. This is a fantastic way to sharpen your mixing skills but also add a fun, competitive edge to your learning journey. You’ll receive a song to mix, followed by comprehensive feedback on your work. Plus, one member will emerge as the winner – could it be you?

👉🏼  Access to Video "Hangouts" (Live Streams): Enjoy access to special group video hangouts. Meet other members, join in on fun conversations, and directly ask questions in a live setting.  

💬 Private Chat Room: Gain entry to our private chat room, a dedicated space for members to connect. Here, you can directly interact with me and fellow members, share your experiences, and grow together.

 🎶 Multitrack Hub: Dive into the ever-expanding Multitrack Hub, offering exclusive access to a diverse collection of multitracks for your practice.

This is your chance to be part of an exclusive and supportive community that’s all about pushing the boundaries of mixing, learning in a dynamic environment, and, most importantly, having fun while doing it.


The Mixing Circle


Spots Available: Join Now!

  • Exclusive Learning Tribe: Join a group of only 20 members to become part of a close-knit learning community. 
  • Personalized Feedback & Coaching: Email and chat support plus a monthly 30-minute personalized video coaching session.
  • Exclusive Mixing Challenges: Compete and learn with 6 yearly events, designed to push your skills and creativity in a supportive, competitive environment.
  • Live Streams: Relaxed and fun group hangouts where you can interact live, share experiences, and learn in a communal setting.
  • Private Community: Join a members-only chat for tips, support, and networking with peers who are as dedicated as you are.