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An Exclusive Mixing Community for the Most Dedicated Learners!

🎧 The Mixing Circle, led by me (Thomas Juth, Grammy Award-winning Mix Engineer), is a dedicated and close-knit community designed to help you master the art of mixing. This unique community offers unparalleled support, expert coaching, and practical experience in an intimate setting. To ensure personalized attention, membership is always limited to 30 people.

What Problems Does The Mixing Circle Solve?

Struggling to Improve Your Mixing Skills?

  • Solution: The best way to improve your mixes is through hands-on experience and personalized feedback. Participate in our monthly mix challenges and access a growing library of multitracks. Share your mixes in the community for feedback from other members and from me personally.

Feeling Isolated in Your Learning Journey?

  • Solution: You’re not alone! The Mixing Circle fosters connections and a sense of community. Engage in regular live hangouts for discussions, new insights, and camaraderie. Chat with fellow members, ask questions, get feedback, and build lasting friendships. 

Monthly Mix Challenge

Every month, I send out a new set of multitracks to all members, along with a deadline and mix notes.

Throughout the mixing process, we hold weekly group hangout sessions every Sunday. During these sessions, members can share their mixes, discuss progress, and receive live feedback. Additionally, after each mix challenge, we have a final meetup to review the mixes, often featuring the original artist as a special guest.

Membership Benefits 

💬 Dedicated Chat Room: Engage with fellow members in our exclusive chat room. Ask questions, get feedback on your work, and build a supportive network. I make it a point to stop by daily to offer insights and answer questions.

🎛️ Multitrack Hub: Gain access to a growing collection of multitracks for practical, hands-on practice.

🎚️ Mixing Challenges: Participate in hands-on mixing challenges in a supportive and competitive environment to sharpen your skills. 

🗓️ Weekly Hangouts: Join our relaxed, fun group hangouts every week to discuss the mixing experience, share insights, and provide tips. These sessions are designed for you to drop in whenever it suits you.

Membership Options

For just $24.99 per month, you can join our vibrant community of music creators. Annual membership is available for $199 with a 14-day free trial.


The Mixing Circle Waitlist

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