Mixing in Motion:

 August 2024



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'Mixing in Motion' is not just another mixing course. It is an educational journey that explores the art of mixing and its impact on the emotional impact of music.

'Mixing in Motion' focuses primarily on live demonstrations, where you'll see me mix a song from start to finish. Alongside these demonstrations, we'll dive into philosophical mini-podcasts that explore the deeper aspects of mixing. After taking the course, you will receive the same multitracks featured in the course. This practical component allows you to apply what you've learned in a real-world context, honing your skills through direct experience.


🏆 What Sets This Course Apart:

  •  Live Mixing Demonstration: Witness the mixing process in action in a special module where you can watch me mix a song from beginning to end. 

  • Mini-Podcasts (no visuals, just talking): Supplement your learning with 3-4 minute-long podcasts focused on the philosophy and strategy behind successful mixing. These clips are designed to provide quick, impactful lessons that enrich your overall understanding.

  • Practical Application: Engage directly with the mixing process using the same multitracks featured in our tutorials. 

  • Individual Feedback: Submit your mixes to receive personalized feedback, an essential feature for refining your techniques and addressing specific areas for improvement.

  • Community: When you buy 'Mixing in Motion,' you will also get exclusive access to my Studio Tea Break chat room. Here you can share knowledge, learn, and connect with other course members. 

Ideal for intermediate mixers, 'Mixing in Motion' bridges the gap between basic knowledge and advanced mastery. If you're ready to challenge your existing skills and push beyond the fundamentals, this course offers the comprehensive, in-depth approach you need to excel in the art of mixing.


👉🏼 Note: This course is designed to be timeless and genre-independent, not tied to any specific Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The knowledge and techniques imparted are applicable across all music production software and transcend genre boundaries.