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For Those Who Are Really Serious About Learning The Art of Mixing!

I am proud to introduce my exclusive Mixing Mentorship, a monthly subscription service. As a member you will have me as your personal mix mentor as well as have access to exclusive learning material. You will get access to the full learning experience!

I strongly believe that the best way to learn the art of mixing is by actually doing it. The more hours you spend tweaking sounds and practicing, the faster you will reach a professional level.


However, it is also very important to receive regular feedback on your work, preferably from someone with more experience. Too many people work/learn on their own for too long and eventually find themselves stuck. Just as in real life, it is feedback from others that will push you to constantly improve and grow. It will also highlight your weaknesses and guide you on your journey toward world-class.


It is even more powerful and effective if you are learning alongside an industry professional with almost two decades of experience!


This is why I am so proud of my exclusive and new Mixing Mentorship service!

As one of my members you will receive monthly online classes, plus weekly feedback and support over email and chat.


You can either send me mixes that you are working on  (whenever you need feedback or guidance) or you can get in touch with general questions.

For more info, please send me a message via the contact page.


Choose your pricing plan

  • Silver

    Every month
    1 Monthly Class + Weekly Coaching via email and chat
  • Gold

    Every month
    2 Monthly Classes + Weekly Coaching via email and chat
  • Platinum

    Every month
    4 Monthly Classes + Weekly Coaching via email and chat
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