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Step up your game with the Juth MixMastery Mentorship (limited availability)!

Led by three-time Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Thomas Juth, this eight-week-long programme offers an exclusive and immersive learning experience.


You will be provided with mixing assignments, personalized feedback, online classes, and a range of additional benefits including industry insights, and career guidance. Each online class will be tailored to your unique needs and goals, allowing you to explore any topic that is relevant to you.

If you are interested in knowing more about the MixingMastery Mentorship program, click here to download a PDF. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch via the contact form!

Secure your spot on the waiting list below and receive notifications as soon as a slot becomes available.   

Price: $899 

Duration: 8-weeks

Location Zoom


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Admission fee for this program is $899

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